Tracking Devices

With technology evolving rapidly, it's no longer enough just to know where your fleet is. If you really want a clear picture of your business, you need a GPS fleet tracking solution that gathers critical data and helps you make fundamental changes that affect your bottom line.

With over 10 years experience looking after customers and helping evolve their business with tracking solutions and partnering with the best installation team in the business you can have the correct solution implemented and installed correctly first time every time.

With Software solutions evolving extremely quickly our partnership with local company Thirty4, we are transforming businesses by empowering them to efficiently and easily eliminate outmoded paper-based systems in their workplace utilising their flagship offering, the FOUR platform to integrate everyday systems and help mobilise the workforce saving time and  increasing productivity.

Innovative Solutions for Your GPS Vehicle Tracking Operations

The technology provides updated and real-time information for round-the-clock business operations. It helps you monitor and track deliveries and make sure they are on schedule.

State-of-the-Art GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

The Teletrac Navman Wireless solutions  give your business a competitive edge, cost effective and innovative products, save you time and money while boosting your business' productivity at the same time.

The Vehicle tracking system allows you to

  • Locate your fleet and monitor time spent on job sites
  • automatically records deliveries
  • allows you to send directions to your fleet providing the most direct routes so your staff won't get lost or waste time and fuel traveling the long way to their destination
  • Two-way instant messaging to send detailed messages and receive instant replies from your staff
  • Equipped with satellite communication to help you monitor, manage and contact your fleet in the most remote areas even outside of mobile coverage areas

The benefits of a Teletrac Navman Solutions

  • Complete Transparency
  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Improve Driver Performance
  • Easy Billing
  • Integrated Use
  • Satellite Communication
  • Obtain Peace of Mind