Cyber Security

OPSYS Cyber delivers Enterprise grade cyber security as a service making it affordable to everyday business

Holistic Cyber-Resilience

Unfortunately, every organization can be breached. OpSys Cyber's security philosophy is to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to cyber-resilience for organizations of any size. We understand the need to combine Cybersecurity and Business Continuity to ensure that a cyber-attack has a minimal effect on business operations, reputational and financial risk. Those organizations that have prepared before the breach, have the expertise and process to respond during a breach and the contingencies to recover will have the competitive edge to safely, and securely embrace today's technology.


  • Pre-breach
  • Prevention and early detection
  • Reduction of risk


  • FireEye's Helix world class enterprise prevention, detection and response platform
  • Dedicated cybersecurity expertise to augment your team
  • Defined and streamlined


  • Full managed IT
  • Disaster recovery
  • Post-breach investigation, forensics, mandatory reporting, and recovery